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Renowned Astrologer / Vastu Shastri - Dr. Basudev Krishna Shastri
 Presenter/Producer (Dharmik Vastu Shastra) Kantipur Television, Nepal

Dr. Basudev Krishna Shastri

Importance of puja and its positive effect on us.
Understanding vedic astrology and its importance.
Importance of vastu shastra and its five elements.
Consulting astrologer before wearing a specific gems.

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Learn about planetary transits and how they'll affect you.
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Education & Career
Family & Children
Finance, Business
Health, love and more!
Vastu Vastu shastra gives guidelines for construction of buildings.
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Vastu for property(land/house)
Vastu for offices
Vastu for Industires
Remedies to correct negative vastu
Puja Puja is a process of making a spiritual connection with the divine. Offer Puja to Pashupati Nath
Offer Puja to my Ancestor
Offer Puja to correct negative effects